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#TAWMP 015: Scaling Agile - An Introduction to Scaled Agile Frameworks to Achieve Enterprise Agility

What will you get from this episode?

Welcome to #TAWMP episode number 15!

In this episode, 🎙 I talk to Clive Kairuz. He is an Agile Coach in South Africa and just finished his SAFe certification. Congratulations on this again, Clive!

After Clive invited me to talk at the Scrum Master Group Cape Town, I contacted him to have him in my podcast. With his over 10 years of experience in online business, working as Scrum Master and Agile Coach, he is a perfect guest to talk about scaling agile. Together we are exploring the ideas of scaling agile in companies. Clive gives us insights into what scaling means for him and an excellent overview of the framework SAFe. If you want to get started with SAFe yourself, make sure to listen to the end because Clive gives us efficient tips on getting started.

I really enjoyed this easy and valuable talk with Clive! A question to you: Did you already gain experience with scaling agile?

Did you maybe already implant SAFe? → Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

You can find the interview at https://romanpaeske.de/podcast/ and anywhere else where podcasts are available. If you want to contact Clive, feel free to reach out to him on LinkedIn or via clive.kairuz@gmail.com.

If you want to register for my newsletter you can find it on my webpage https://romanpaeske.de

Have fun watching!
Cheers, Roman

#TAWMP 014: Measuring Agile - How you can measure what really matters and improve immediately!

What will you get from this episode?

Hello and welcome to episode #014 of The Agile Working Model Podcast. This is a recording of my talk at the Scrum Master Meetup Cape Town in July 2021. It was a great session with a lot of participants! Thanks again to Clive for inviting me and setting it up.

So what was my talk about?

In today’s (agile) world it’s all about measuring. Data-driven approaches are gaining more and more popularity. Many new key performance indicators (KPI) are coming up. It’s not only about measuring internal team success but also the reaction and relation to our customers and users. All this is great. It gives us insights to develop “the right thing”.

But aren't we pushing it a little too far?

Aren’t we ending up controlling people? Based on real industry examples we want to explore together the world of KPI in the setting of agile work

In the video you will understand the opportunities and threats and get known to the most important metrics for agile teams. Moreover, you will learn about a practical approach to measure, analyse, and use KPI in agile teams. This talk is for everyone who wants to understand the power of KPI and use them positively.

Enjoy listening!


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#TAWMP 013: How to Successfully Manage Knowledge When Working Agile

What will you get from this episode?

Hello and welcome to episode #013 of The Agile Working Model Podcast. And believe me, this is a special one as well 🚀

This time I had the chance to interview Fabienne Gerhard. She is a knowledge management expert, Atlassian enthusiast, and Lego lover 🙌

Together we explore in this episode how you can successfully manage knowledge when working agile. 

Fabienne explains to us what knowledge management is, why it is so important and how it can be implemented in your daily work environment.

So what will you get from this episode?

1. Understand what knowledge management is (it’s not that easy as you might think)

2. Understand why managing knowledge is one pillar for successful agile working models 

3. Get the 6 implementation steps to successfully manage knowledge 

4. Practical tips on how to get started with knowledge management and implement it in your agile working model 

I am really happy that I had the chance to have Fabienne in my podcast. The whole talk was a fun session and I enjoyed it a lot! 🙃

If you want to reach out to her feel free to contact her on LinkedIn! She will be happy to help you! https://www.linkedin.com/in/fabienne-...

Let me know what you think about knowledge management? What are your challenges and learnings connected with it?

Enjoy listening to this episode and hear you soon 🤙


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#TAWMP 012: From the Field - How to Succeed as Product Owner?

What will you get from this episode?

In this episode of the #TAWMP I have an interview with Alexander Behr. He is a Product Owner at Schindler.

The Topic of this episode is how to succeed as Product Owner? Product Ownership is not an easy task. Together with Alex we give you some insights about the daily business and how you can succeed. 

You will learn in this episode: 
1) What the daily business of a Product Owner looks like
2) What makes Product Ownership successful 
3) How to get started as a new Product Owner 

Enjoy this episode and feel free to get in contact with Alexander Behr!

#TAWMP 011: Product Breakfast Club Episode 002 with Elvis Sinijs

What will you get from this episode?

This episode, 🎙 is a recording of my Product Breakfast Club #002 which I am doing regularly as Instagram Live TV and YouTube Live Stream together with Elvis Sinij.

In the second episode of the Product Breakfast Club, we discussed several Product related topics, I share why he went to South Africa 🇿🇦, what Product related news recently happened and what is the future of Clubhouse.

Moreover we answered a lot of questions from the audience such as “What makes a Product Manager / Product Owner professional?” and “How long does ist take to get one?”

You can also watch the recording of the Product Breakfast Club on my YouTube Account. Follow me on Instagram or any other network to see when the next Product Breakfast Club goes live!

Have fun listening
Cheers, Roman

#TAWMP 010: How to Successfully Manage Product Roadmaps in a Dynamic World? - with Roman Pichler

What will you get from this episode?

In this episode, 🎙 I talk to Roman Pichler. He is an entrepreneur, author, and one of the world’s leading experts on product management in the field of digital products. His books “STRATEGIZE” and “How to Lead in Product Management” are among the standard works of any good AGILE COACH (unpaid advertising).

I spontaneously approached Roman after a digital conference to see if he would like to be a guest on my podcast. I was very pleased that it worked out so quickly. We also filmed the complete interview which is available on my YouTube channel.

Roman explains the idea of an “outcome-based roadmap” in the podcast. This is primarily about focusing on the goals we want to achieve. Because based on what we want to achieve, we can then discuss which features are really necessary. The important thing here is that all features must be clearly assigned to a benefit.

He describes his special ability as a product management expert with the words: “Seeing the big picture without losing sight of the details and being able to clearly communicate the interrelationships and details”.

When developing a roadmap, he recommends always developing an outlook for 6, 9, and 12 months, because this helps with the “continuity of purpose” in today’s “dynamic times”. This purpose gives clarity to the people involved about the journey together.

A question to you: How much learning and innovation is part of the core components of your work?

Who are the role models that you learn from? I can only say Roman is one of my absolute role models.

I am very grateful for the interview. It is full of valuable knowledge, be sure to listen to it.

Enjoy this episode!
Cheers, Roman

#TAWMP 009: Best Practice with Paper, Jira, Basecamp & GitLab

What will you get from this episode?

We love tools, aren’t we? They make our life simple if we use them the right way.

In this episode, I’ll give you practical tips from my learnings working with different tools in the agile environment. I’ll point out why it is so important for you to not start with the tool itself but rather with the process. 

Afterward, we will have a look into the following three tools:

1) JIRA by Atlassian

2) Basecamp, and

3) Gitlab.

You will get practical recommendations on when to use which tools and what advantages I figured out over the last years working in them. As said: This is a very hands-on session with personal recommendations and no advertisement for any tool.

In the end, you and your team need to make a decision that suits you and your agile working model best.

Enjoy listening to this episode of #TAWMP!

#TAWMP 008: Why Agile Alone Will Fail

What will you get from this episode?

This episode is the recording of my talk at the Scrum User Group of South Africa on the 25th of June 2020. 

It was an evening of lightning talks and I was invited to present my thoughts and experiences. My talk was called: “Why agile alone will fail. Let’s stop building feature factories and start creating value.” Let me shortly give you some insights on what I mean by this: 

Agile’s goal is delivery. It’s not generating insights about the created value for the customer and business. To achieve true business agility, we have to rethink our organisational structures.

How? By creating radically outcome-focused working models. So enjoy listening to today’s episode and remember: It’s about the value we generate within our agile working models.

#TAWMP 007: Team Health as the Most Valuable KPI to Improve Your Agile Working Model

What will you get from this episode?

Managers keep asking me what is necessary to organise teams in an agile way. Often they notice in their daily business that their team is absolutely overloaded, but they find it difficult to change this themselves.

That’s why I want to tell you within this episode about the Team Health KPI. With this KPI you can make the feelings and emotions of you team transparent and create a powerful communication tool (also towards the management).

We go together through





You will learn why the Team Health is very important and what value it delivers. After this episode you can directly start measuring this KPI and improve together with your team your individual agile working model. All tools that I talk about in my Podcast can be found on my website under romanpaeske.de/tools - Start measuring today and improve based on your teams feelings.

#TAWMP 006: Distributed Teams - How to Develop an Agile Working Model and Build a Common Culture

What will you get from this episode?

Already Episode 6 of #TAWMP - this one is fully about distributed teams! Are you working in a distributed team? Did you ever face the challenges of been connected remotely with your workmates? Believe me, Tobias Wosowiecki, innovation consultant and my guest in this episode did!

Tobias and I are talking about different facets of distributed teams. What will you learn in this episode?


The episode is full of practical tips and tricks. Tobias is talking about his projects all over the world and gives deeper insights about a very exciting project in the Himalaya mountains.

Let’s take the chances of remote work and start building up successful distributed teams!

#TAWMP 005: Agile Games - The Playful way to Understand and Adopt Agile Methods

What will you get from this episode?

Let the games begin! In this “playful” episode I have an interview with Sabina Lammert. She is an expert in agile games. Games? Yes, you read right! “Agile games simulate the real world,” says Sabina. So you can benefit while having a lot of fun. But to not run in the trap and misuse agile games, Sabina gives a lot of insights directly from practice. You will learn in this episode:


Sabina also talks about one example game called “keep talking and nobody explodes”. This game can be played even remotely and brings up perfect learnings in the field of cross-functionality. At the end of the episode, you will get three very helpful recommendations on how to get started with playing and facilitating agile games.

Get your team together, set the purpose of the game and have fun playing! Enjoy listening to this episode!

#TAWMP 004: Agile in the Legal Industry With Scrum Master & Legal Adviser Rebecca Tara

What will you get from this episode?

Hello from Cape Town in South Africa. This episode is an interview with Rebecca Tara.

Rebecca is Scrum Master and Legal Adviser at the Accelerator „Afro Labs“. „I think that really agile can be applied in various differnt environments” Rebecca says in the interview.

Yes, she is absolutly right! And that‘s why we talk in this episode about the role of agile in the legal industry.

Legal is every where around us. We do not necessarily like it all the time but it is important to have the right circumstances setup for agile working models.

Rebecca and me are answering in this episode





Rebecca tells us about the challenges in the legal world when it comes to agile working models. She gives interesting insights how she started working with agile working models in the legal industry. Moreover you will learn about the very interesting meeting format of „Lean Coffee“ which Rebecca uses as a regular (agile) meeting for lawyers.

All in all this episode shows a new perspective on the though topics of law and legal duties in an agile working environment. Enjoy listening!

#TAWMP 003: Product Management - Insights From Former Head of Product Marketing Europe at Apple

What will you get from this episode?

This episode is a very special one. I talk to Godehard Gerling, former HEAD OF PRODUCT MARKETING EUROPE at APPLE.

He is truly an expert in Product Management and has years of experience in it. Besides working at Apple, Godehard has been at DELL, SIEMENS and many more well known companies before he established his own STARTUPS and consultancy.

Together we are answering in this episode




Godehard gives interesting insights how he solved the complex job of a product manager. You will learn the different facets of product management and see that it includes tons of communication to really build great and successful products. Moreover Godehard points out how important it is to combine a sustainable product management with your agile working models to deliver value for your customers and business.

“Looking back at my career I couldn’t imagine anything being more fun, more diverse and more exciting than product management” Godehard says. Let’s take this as a call to action to get started with product management!

#TAWMP 002: OKRs and Agile Working Models - How do They fit Together?

What will you get from this episode?

In this Episode of #TAWMP I have an Interview with Petrit Isufi. Petrit is an expert for OKRs (objectives and key results). “Every agile working model needs a vision or mission” says Petrit - And I totally agree!

Within the episode you will learn more about OKRs. We go together through

1) What are OKRs?

2) How to combine agile working models (e.g. SCRUM, KANBAN, SCRUMBAN) with OKRs?

Petrit gives interesting examples from practice and together we discuss how to use OKRs as a powerful tool within agile working models. In the middle of the episode I ask Petrit about five random agile words - Tune in to see his reaction to them!

Summing up this episode is introducing the methodology of OKRs and shows how to use them if you work in agile models like scrum, kanban or any other! It’s all about aligning the team, giving a purpose and measure what matters!

#TAWMP 001: Basics of Agile Working Models

What will you get from this episode?

In this episode, you will learn the basics of agile working models. We will learn WHAT AGILE IS, WHY IT MAKES SENSE FOR YOU and get an OVERVIEW ABOUT AGILE WORKING MODELS.

After introducing the idea of AGILE, that agile is a mindset and not only processes, rituals and roles I present you the four core agile values of the agile manifesto. In the section WHY AGILE MAKE SENSE FOR YOU we look together in the industry and you will learn about our complex VUCA world, the trend of individualisation and the STACEY MATRIX.

By giving you an OVERVIEW OF AGILE WORKING MODELS you will get insights into KANBAN, SCRUM, and SCRUMBAN.

This episode ends with my RECOMMENDATIONS on how to get started with agile working models:

1) Check and understand your VALUE BASE

2) Start very simple in a PEER GROUP

3) Do not implement everything at once

4) Most important meeting is the RETROSPECTIVE.