Hello and welcome to episode #013 of The Agile Working Model Podcast. And believe me, this is a special one as well 🚀

This time I had the chance to interview Fabienne Gerhard. She is a knowledge management expert, Atlassian enthusiast, and Lego lover 🙌

Together we explore in this episode how you can successfully manage knowledge when working agile. 

Fabienne explains to us what knowledge management is, why it is so important and how it can be implemented in your daily work environment.

So what will you get from this episode?

1. Understand what knowledge management is (it’s not that easy as you might think)

2. Understand why managing knowledge is one pillar for successful agile working models 

3. Get the 6 implementation steps to successfully manage knowledge 

4. Practical tips on how to get started with knowledge management and implement it in your agile working model 

I am really happy that I had the chance to have Fabienne in my podcast. The whole talk was a fun session and I enjoyed it a lot! 🙃

If you want to reach out to her feel free to contact her on LinkedIn! She will be happy to help you! https://www.linkedin.com/in/fabienne-…

Let me know what you think about knowledge management? What are your challenges and learnings connected with it?

Enjoy listening to this episode and hear you soon 🤙


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About the Author

Roman Paeske is a hands-on expert in agile product development. He has a broad practical experience in teaching and coaching agile, setting up agile work environments and helping companies build successful and sustainable agile organisations. He is a pragmatic person who fights for practical approaches to agile interpretations.

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