Experience shows that teams with good relationships achieve goals. 

The interesting thing is that this has always been true 🙂 100.000 years ago when hunting mammoths as well as today when releasing a product.

How do you describe IT people in your company?

People living in the cellar, coding machines, nerds … Let’s reflect on that for a moment.

Whether in Munich, Lucerne or Berlin, as an agile coach, I see demotivated, internally terminated employees over and over again. Why does it come to this?

One of my LIFE-TASKS is to prepare the world for IT people. For me SOFTIS are something very special. A framework that gives room to work is SCRUMBAN. There are clearly defined roles and rituals that reduce CHAOS, create SENSE and bring FOCUS.

The most important rituals are:

1️⃣ SPRINT PLANNING – clarification of what and how really needs to be implemented

2️⃣ BACKLOG GROOMING – continuous checking and prioritising of backlog items

3️⃣ DAILY STANDUP – daily 15 minutes of information exchange and coordination in the team

4️⃣ REVIEW – collecting feedback on the delivered product from customers and stakeholders 

5️⃣ RETROSPECTIVE – team internal feedback & optimisation of the entire working model 

6️⃣ BACKLOG ADJUSTMENT – adjustments of the backlog elements based on customer feedback

The difference to normal SCRUM is that SCRUMBAN has the flexibility to include new requirements in the backlog even during the SPRINT. To do this, existing elements must be removed.

This gives you a brilliant FRAMEWORK to build valuable products and protect your team.

It is now up to you how you organise your team. The described rituals are a good introduction and give you impulses how to start. If you would like to know more about AGILE, feel free to contact me.


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Roman Paeske is a hands-on expert in agile product development. He has a broad practical experience in teaching and coaching agile, setting up agile work environments and helping companies build successful and sustainable agile organisations. He is a pragmatic person who fights for practical approaches to agile interpretations.

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