Managers keep asking me what is necessary to organize teams in an agile way. Often they notice in their daily business that their team is absolutely overloaded, but they find it difficult to change this themselves. ❌ Overload in the team is a condition that occurs quickly due to the increased frequency of digital communication.
These teams need support. Now it becomes necessary to distinguish between support from inside and outside. ▪️ For example, an external agile coach helps the company from the outside.
Why? Because he or she is neutral and free from the day-to-day operational business. ▪️ An executive primarily helps the company from the inside.
In addition to personal dependencies, he or she also has a variety of operational tasks within the company. My experience has shown that managers want to help their team but they don’t have the time.

As an agile coach I develop a good feeling for the team after a few days in a company. Together with Godehard Gerling and based on the Spotify method I set up an important indicator for the team: TEAM HEALTH.

With the following 6 questions you can determine the TEAM HEALTH:

1️⃣ DELIVERING VALUE – Do you deliver value for your the customer❓
2️⃣ HEALTH OF CODE BASE – Is the code clean and tidy❓
3️⃣ PRODUCTIVITY – Are you satisfied with your productivity ❓
4️⃣ PAWNS OR PLAYERS – Are you externally determined or conscious in making decisions❓
5️⃣ LEARNING – Do you learn something in your daily work ❓
6️⃣ FUN – Do you enjoy your work❓

With this you have an easy tool to help your team.
Try it with a small team and repeat the exercise over (at least) three iterations. I recommend that you make the questions anonymous, because then the quality of the statements increases significantly.

Have fun with your team and take good care of them.

Roman 🏄🏽‍♂️

About the Author

Roman Paeske is a hands-on expert in agile product development. He has a broad practical experience in teaching and coaching agile, setting up agile work environments and helping companies build successful and sustainable agile organisations. He is a pragmatic person who fights for practical approaches to agile interpretations.

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