In this episode of THE AGILE WORKING MODEL PODCAST, 🎙 I talk to Roman Pichler. He is an entrepreneur, author, and one of the world’s leading experts on product management in the field of digital products. His books „STRATEGIZE“ and „How to Lead in Product Management“ are among the standard works of any good AGILE COACH (unpaid advertising).

I spontaneously approached Roman after a digital conference to see if he would like to be a guest on my podcast. I was very pleased that it worked out so quickly. Roman explains the idea of an „outcome-based roadmap“ in the podcast. This is primarily about focusing on the goals we want to achieve. Because based on what we want to achieve, we can then discuss which features are really necessary.

The important thing here is that all features must be clearly assigned to a benefit. He describes his special ability as a product management expert with the words: „Seeing the big picture without losing sight of the details and being able to clearly communicate the interrelationships and details“. When developing a roadmap, he recommends always developing an outlook for 6, 9, and 12 months, because this helps with the „continuity of purpose“ in today’s „dynamic times“. This purpose gives clarity to the people involved about the journey together. A question to you: How much learning and innovation is part of the core components of your work? Who are the role models that you learn from? I can only say Roman is one of my absolute role models.

I am very grateful for the interview. It is full of valuable knowledge, be sure to listen to it. You can find the interview at and anywhere else where podcasts are available. Have fun listening Cheers,

About the Author

Roman Paeske is a hands-on expert in agile product development. He has a broad practical experience in teaching and coaching agile, setting up agile work environments and helping companies build successful and sustainable agile organisations. He is a pragmatic person who fights for practical approaches to agile interpretations.

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