This episode is the recording of my talk at the Scrum User Group of South Africa on the 25th of June 2020. It was an evening of lightning talks and I was invited to present my thoughts and experiences. My talk was called: “Why agile alone will fail. Let’s stop building feature factories and start creating value.” Let me shortly give you some insights on what I mean by this: Agile’s goal is delivery. It’s not generating insights about the created value for the customer and business. To achieve true business agility, we have to rethink our organisational structures. How? By creating radically outcome-focused working models. So enjoy watching and remember: It’s about the value we generate within our agile working models.

About the Author

Roman Paeske is a hands-on expert in agile product development. He has a broad practical experience in teaching and coaching agile, setting up agile work environments and helping companies build successful and sustainable agile organisations. He is a pragmatic person who fights for practical approaches to agile interpretations.

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